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Episode 213 - Holiday Special
Go Nuts!
It's a nut?
  • A selection of hard-shelled nuts for dipping into paint (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans)
  • small brass eye hooks and a 2 foot length of thin gauge brass wire
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • small wire cutters
  • sticks, bamboo skewers are cheap, easy to find and work the best
  • metallic artist enamel paints in colours like gold, silver, bronze and copper
  • varying lengths and colours of gossamer or organza ribbon
  • small, open mouthed glass (an old one from your cupboard)

For sectioned nuts, like a walnut, screw a small brass eye hook into the top, where the sections meet. For the hard-shelled hazelnut, coil the brass wire into small circles. It should look like a spring when you’re done. With your wire cutters snip off entire “circles” as you need them. These you’ll then hot glue onto the top of a harder shelled Brazil nut.

Now the fun begins. After giving the paints a good shake, dip the nut into the paint. Place the nut onto a stick and hang it over a paper-towel lined bowl to dry. For larger nuts or if you hot glue two or three almonds together, pour the paint into the open-mouthed glass to dip.

Here’s even more fun. Once the nuts are dry, pass some gossamer ribbon through the hooks and tie nice bows at the top. Invert the ribbon on each so that the bow nestles around the nut decoration. These ornaments will last for years to come. Who knows, you may in fact start a new family tradition!