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Episode 212 - Fiesta!
Mexican Table
We went all out when setting our table for a Mexican Fiesta. Any themed event is the perfect excuse for pulling out all of the stops. You can add some of these accessories to your own collection and mix and match them with what you already have. In any case, youíre going to transform a mere event into a happening!

We hung colourful sombreros and green, white and red crepe paper streamers, the colours of the Mexican flag, of varying lengths from the ceiling.

Our table covering was a Mexican wool blanket; very colourful and festive.

For dishes you can use your own or purchase terra cotta dishes with a Mexican pattern. The nice thing about terra cotta is that it goes with any colour, so additional service pieces are easy to match.

You can use your own cutlery or some cast iron pieces. Mexican blown glassware and service pitchers are very simple and can be used over and over. Napkins are vibrant cotton in an array of colours.

Candles always make a dinner intimate, however many people are being seated. We used rustic candelabras at either end of our Mexican table. We added several tin lanterns with tea lights down the centre.

One final accessory is place cards, but not in the traditional sense. How about using a small cactus in a terra cotta pot with the guestís name is written on the front of the pot? Itís innovative and makes a nice host gift.