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Episode 213 - Holiday Special
Time For Dessert
The Maestro does it again!
The holiday season is really the chance to go all out. Here are some suggestions for transforming a dessert table into a real feast for the eyes for friends and family, whether it’s traditional or modern.

Add visual variety by varying the height of the table Small, sturdy wooden boxes or even milk crates usually do the trick.
  • You can cover the table and boxes with your favourite traditional cloth. If that’s too small, a few metres or yards of beautiful fabric makes a great option. On our table we used an olive green, cut velvet cloth.
  • This is the perfect opportunity to display a family heirloom like candelabras or a large clock to commemorate the passage into a new year. Place them front and centre. If you don’t have something like this, how about a large, colourful floral arrangement.
  • Pineapples, the universal symbol of hospitality add some extra drama. Stand a pair of them on simple dishes to provide an interesting backdrop.
  • Lay out the table as you would think will be the “course of action.” On one end of the table you may place the dessert plates and forks, some champagne flutes to toast the evening and the occasion. We added bowls of spiced nuts, a dish of truffles and Mandarine oranges.
  • Speaking of champagne, here’s an idea for a unique take on bubbly. Pour a few drops of cassis into each flute and add a few cranberries. When you add the champagne it takes on a sparkling, pink hue. The cassis adds flavour and cranberries a festive look.
  • Desserts are placed strategically down the centre of the table. Present them using a variety of serviceware. Smaller delights like cookies look even more appetizing when arranged on a tiered cookie tree. As an option, you may even wish to place some dishes on a lower box.
  • Desserts can be anything you wish. Our table included a decadent chocolate cheese cake, a torte, bundt cake and trifle. A fresh fruit flan with out-of-season berries adds a non-traditional, yet welcome touch and flavour to your table.
  • Candles in any form will really set off the display. Tall tapers in your favourite candlesticks or candelabras, pillars, votives or lanterns impart a welcoming look.
  • Get natural. Place pine and cedar on the table and add some nuts and Christmas mandarins. The scent just says “Holidays!”
  • The napkins can be as simple or elegant as you wish. We folded Battenburg napkins in squares of organza the same shade as the table covering. Then we added gold tassels.
  • Whether you’re using a large centrepiece or flowers, smaller groupings of flowers placed throughout the display add a nice scent along with their beauty.
  • Coffee and tea cups, sugar and cream and teaspoons are laid toward the opposite end of the table, for when after your guests have chosen the delights they wish to try first.
However simple or elaborate, your dessert table and your efforts will be enjoyed by all of your friends and family.