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Episode 204 - La Dolce Vita
Italian Drinks
I really love to entertain along an ethnic or multi cultural theme. It gives me the opportunity to taste new and often exotic food and drink. Thereís a huge assortment of liqueurs, wines and brews to come from Italy; each of which offers an alternative to its North American counterpart.

Take beer as an example. Italian beer is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and Canada. Brands from the various beer-making regions of Italy offer remarkably varied tastes for a country usually associated with wine.

Aperitifs shout Italian culture, at least from our perspective. Who wouldnít want to be sunning in Veniceís Piazza San Marco, Campari and soda in one hand and someone you love in the other. Vermouth, like a Cinzano on the rocks with a twist is sophisticated where the Cinzano is bold. Digestifs, like Amaretto and Sambucca bring a warm, intimate close to any meal.

And letís not forget wines! I canít even scratch the surface with Italyís long history as one of the finest wine-making regions. Talk with a wine expert at your local liquor outlet; try a wine that a respected columnist has given a solid rating.

Before you know it, youíll be a connoisseur and amaze your friends!