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Episode 207 - High Tea
All this and more...
Quite a spread
Serving a High Tea can really be a test for the imagination. But fear not, here are a few examples of accessories you can purchase now and then or even borrow from friends. Take a look at some of the items that Iíve collected over the years. Footed cake stands, silver trays and sandwich trees are relatively easy to come across in vintage shops and antique stores. Theyíre great for finger sandwiches and sweet delights. Cake lifters, although harder to find are great for taking pieces of delicate food onto your plate. Now thatís a unique accessory.

Small tongs and silver sugar cube lifters also help to impart a formal tone to a tea service. How many times have you seen cream and sugar sets on a garage sale table? It can cost very little to have a few sets for different occasions. Just remember that everything can be obtained over time which makes your collection even more valuable to you. And a service can take on any number of styles, from British sterling silver to Art Deco, Japanese to 50's funky. Whatever your choice, it can all be done with a style that fits any budget.