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Episode 306 - Number One Mom!
Memento Box
Just for mom
Viewers often ask: where does Savoir Faire find its beautiful ribbons? Well, the answer is: Mokuba. Sonja Babic, manager of the store and ribbon expert extraordinaire showed us how simple ribbon can be turned into a wonderful keepsake for Mom. Sonja shared with us a way to create a memento box that Mom will enjoy for years. Perfect for storing special photos, baby's first shoes, old mementos, anything meaningful, each box is unique.

It is a very simple process that creates a very intricate look. Basically, you take any box, cover it with paper, then decorate with ribbons.

We transformed a vintage hat box and covered it with individual slices of ribbon, weaving them in and out - blue going downward, yellow going across. Then we took tiny flowers which we cut out of ribbon and glued them all over the box using a hot glue gun. *You can also use double-sided tape.

In order to fix the unfinished look of the inside of the box, we took a wide piece of ribbon and attached it around, covering the ends of the ribbons. For the bottom of the box, we cut a double layer of paper in the shape of the box and attached it with glue.

Instead of covering the entire inside of the box, we filled it with a large piece of decorative tissue. It saved time and looked wonderful. Once we put the lid on, we tied it up with a large piece of ribbon. We placed flowers made out of ribbon on top. You can also create Mom's initials, a heart, anything! Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and the possibilities for decoration are endless. It's amazing how something so simple can be so luxurious.

Courtesy : Sonja Babic; Mokuba Ribbons, 577 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON (416)504-5358