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Episode 306 - Number One Mom!
Hand Prints
A personal touch
Hey dads! Listen up! We've got a great idea sure to warm Mom's heart: a kid's greeting card for Mom. A project for you to do with your kids with their very own hands, and something Mom will treasure forever: hand prints.

  • black construction paper (or any colour of your choice)
  • wax paper
  • white finger paint (again, any colour will work)
  • black magic marker
  • glue
  • frame
  • paint brush

Take some white acrylic paint and a bit of water and spread it out on a piece of wax paper using a paint brush. Then, take your child's palm, place it into the paint, and transfer over to a piece of construction paper, pressing your child's hand firmly down to make an imprint. Remove child's palm and clean off paint. Help your child write a poem telling Number-One-Mom that they love her so much that they made a card for her with their own two hands. Once the paint is dry, transfer the construction paper with the imprints to an attractive frame so Mom can look at it and enjoy it every single day.