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Episode 309 - Simply Moving
Welcome Basket
Howdy neighbour! Welcome to your new home, courtesy of Savoir Faire…

There's a wonderful custom that we do when people purchase a home for the first time. Traditionally, we go to their home and we greet them with a few items: a box of salt so that their life is filled with flavour; a loaf of bread so that they never go hungry; finally, a bottle of wine so that their new home and everything that goes on in it is joyous. This tradition is great but we thought we'd take it a step further: we created a welcome basket. Here are our suggestions for what to include in a welcome basket for someone's first home.

Take a large wicker basket. (*You can use a laundry basket, anything large enough to put all of the contents in). Fill it with display material such as excelsior. Then, begin to add necessary items such as a roll of paper towel, a roll of toilet paper, (both tied together with raffia), candles, matches, and maybe even some light bulbs! Dishwashing soap and hand soap are always handy for washing up after a day of moving. Colourful sponges are important for cleaning up and wiping counter surfaces for the first time. And, of course, a wash towel always comes in handy.

How about some tools? An adjustable wrench, pliers, a hammer, and some nails - very inexpensive items just to add in - a nice start to someone's tool chest collection. Can't forget the kitchen tools: utensils: wooden spoons to help them stir that first pot of pasta, a wooden spatula. (You can tie them all together with raffia). A spaghetti strainer and a cutting board are nice additions as well.

Let's say your child is all grown up and going away to school for the first time. He/she will most likely need china, baking sheets, glassware, pots, and pans. If you've got an old service, why not place a bit of that into the basket just to start them off? The hand-me-down bit is nice because if it served you well for all those years, it's a great way for someone else to start their first time in a new home.

Additional accessories to add: a rainbow coloured duster, funky fridge magnets, a handful of candies, a tin of their favourite espresso, and some paint brushes for when they call you over to help!

Now, I want you to think about that person who just moved in: they can't find anything, and chaos reigns! Well, you can rest assured that their favourite thing to unpack will be your gift basket. Jam-packed with good intentions, when you arrive on their doorstep shouting "welcome!", the recipient will surely say "thank you".