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Episode 306 - Number One Mom!
She won't forget touches like this!
Few things can trigger wonderful memories as instantaneously as scent. The fragrance of gardenias do it for me every time. It was traditional for my family to take gardenia bushes and flowers to my Mom throughout the many visits and holidays that we have shared over the years.

I wanted this Mother's Day brunch to be equally unforgettable so I asked my favourite florist to prepare gardenia corsages for each of my sisters, and, of course, my Mom! I wanted them to be the first things my family would notice when they came to the table so I placed them on top of each guest's plate. I anticipated how they would look when they opened from a tight clustered centre to a beautiful white, delicate flower.

Be very gentle with gardenias, they bruise at the slightest touch.

For me, there is nothing like the distinctive scent of gardenias. What flower says "Mom" to you like no other?