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Episode 310 - Sunny Side Up
Hen's Eggs
A couple of good eggs
Whether it's soft-boiled, over-easy, scrambled, or poached, this is our tribute to - you guessed it - the egg! As I go on to 'eggs-plain' the ins and outs of eggs, I'm sure you'll find that this is 'eggs-actly' what you've been waiting for!

Hens' eggs come in shades of both white and brown. There is no difference in flavour or nutritional value between the two. Quite simply, the white egg comes from a white hen; the brown egg comes from a brown hen. But it's what is inside the hard little shell that's important. Each egg contains a membrane, a yolk, and whites.

When purchasing eggs, you want to look for the freshest eggs available. There are three tests you can utilize to determine their freshness:
  1. The Weight Test: In the supermarket, before you purchase your eggs, put one in your hand and try to see how heavy it is. The heavier the egg, the fresher it is.
  2. The Light Test: Hold your egg up to a light and look for a little air pocket. The air pocket starts to grow as the egg gets older. The fresher the egg the smaller the little air pocket.
  3. The Bowl Test: You cannot do this test at the supermarket; however, you can do it at home. Take a bowl, fill it with water and place the egg in the water. If the egg lays flat, it is very fresh. If it is a week old, it could start to tilt up. If over three weeks old, it could start to float. If it comes to the top of the surface, discard that egg as it is no longer of use.