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Episode 310 - Sunny Side Up
Ostrich Eggs
Yes, it really is an egg
Ah, we have arrived at Her Majesty's favourite: the Ostrich egg! Each egg contains the equivalent of around two dozen chicken eggs. Supposedly, Queen Victoria had one for breakfast once and she commented that it was one of the best meals that she ever had. Well, after eating two dozen eggs, I think I'd be feeling pretty happy myself!

To display this King of eggs, I drained the yolk from it, enjoyed a hearty breakfast, and then created a hole in one end of the shell. Then I took a stately white container, put a little bit of green sheet moss into it, inverted the shell, and filled it with water. Taking some of my favourite spring flowers (I used daffodils, you can use whatever you choose), I stuck them through the hole. With a little creativity, a simple and elegant Ostrich egg became a floral fantasy!