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Episode 411 - I Do!
Reuse and recycle...
After Susan and Mark's wedding ceremony had taken place, I stole a few things away from the wedding party. Not to worry, I was only preserving them for later on. I placed the bride's bouquet and the bouquets of the two attendants in vases on a mantelpiece in our dining room.

In thinking about how we planned this day, I knew we'd need a little more colour so I asked the florist to drop by the church after the ceremony to pick up the stunning arrangement she had created and bring it to the reception.

The florist placed the fresh floral arrangement on a high pedestal, giving that part of the room significance and prominence. This was the location where the speeches would be taking place and I knew that the arrangement would provide a wonderful frame for the photographs.

Recycling and reusing helps to keep within budget, and it also doesn't prevent the flowers from looking beautiful and smelling fantastic!