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Episode 411 - I Do!
Ring Pillow
With this ring...
In the middle of the ceremony, the best man turns to the groom and asks, "Do you have the rings?" Just kidding, not to worry of course, they're on the ring bearer's pillow!

Fun and easy to create, start off by selecting your favourite ribbons. I used a combination of pale blue, pink, and ivory. Lay the ribbons out into long strips and attach them to a piece of paper using a stapler. Run ribbons the opposite length, again attaching them to a piece of paper.

Next, begin to weave the ribbons: over and under, over and under. Then, sew up the edges, leaving a beautiful woven piece of fabric. Attach it to organza, then stuff the entire pillow. Finally, attach the two rings (one for the groom, one for the bride) with a ribbon.

The ring bearer's pillow, making all of your wedding dreams come true!