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Episode 414 - Holiday S.O.S.
Easter Table
The perfect Easter table...
Easter is one of my favourite holidays because it gives me a chance to gather with my family and enjoy a wonderful meal. And a house full of loved ones means we better have some good ideas for entertaining on this special holiday.

When creating my Easter table, I like to keep things simple. I usually use a standard tablecloth of pale yellow linen. I give the cloth a new look by running ribbons down its length. Yellow, purple, and mauve are my colours of choice, as they are the traditional colours of Easter. If the ribbons are still intact after dinner you can use them for other things, such as gift-wrapping.

For the centrepiece of the table, I line a breakfast tray with plastic and then place cat grass inside. Into the cat grass, I nestle some coloured eggs. The different pastel tones of the eggs work beautifully as they match my china.

My Mom usually does everything in white, from the tablecloth to the china pattern. Myself, I like a little colour. So I go chose turquoise, blue, yellow, and mauve. They all work very well together on my Easter table.

Typically, I start Easter morning with Easter bread, so I place a smaller plate on top of each entrée plate for this purpose.

For the napkins, I like to use pale yellow linen, rolled it into a standard fold, and then tied with a pink lyseanthis and a blue ribbon. Depending on when Easter falls, you can vary the type of flower you use. How about a tiny sprig of lily of the valley, or a daffodil? You can really have a lot of fun with these flowers.

The glassware is also pastel-coloured with frosted stems. It's perfect for a mimosa (champagne and orange juice); I also add another glass at each place setting for sparkling mineral water. My choice of silverware is always simple, yet complementary.

Overall, putting together your Easter table is really not all that complicated. Don't be surprised if you see Peter Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail to say "Hoppy -", I mean, "Happy Easter!"