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Episode 416 - Brownie Points
Brown Accessories
The selection never ends...
When planning a celebration or event themed around the colour brown, there are many ways to get brownie points for your presentation. In my case, I decided that a dessert station in brown on my kitchen island would be very warm and inviting.

It's always great to begin with flowers. In this instance, I placed vibrant orange bittersweet berries into a tortoise-shell styled vase. Next to the vase, I placed a couple of twig-woven balls. These are décor enhancements now easily found almost anywhere. Remember, I was looking for any and every shade of brown, so design enhancements such as these really work wonderfully.

Brown dishware is readily available in many different varieties. I chose a glazed china service in a rich-coloured, shiny finish. Seeing as I was planning to offer a whole bunch of different desserts for guests, I figured that a larger, dinner plate would allow them to simply pile one of everything onto it. The more the merrier!

A nifty trick that you can do to enhance the look of your dessert plates is to place a fork and a spoon on each plate, crossing them over each other. Then, using a shaker containing icing sugar and some cocoa, sprinkle this mixture over the cutlery. When you remove the cutlery, all you'll have is its shadow left behind. Your guests will really appreciate this extra little touch as they go about choosing their sweets.

For cutlery, I used an old, ivory-handled set that I had around the house. Napkins were brown linen, placed through a tortoise-shell style napkin ring with a tiny burst of the same bittersweet berry flowers that I used in the vase. I used amber coloured glassware, perfect for serving sparkling mineral water.

Next, I chose a couple of cake stands on which to display some of the desserts. I garnished these light wooden stands with a few sprigs of the bittersweet berries. Other service pieces that work quite nicely within our theme are dark brown wicker baskets with a dark brown napkin as the lining as well as a wooden platter.

For our brown coffee service, I chose beige-coloured cream and sugar accessories and glazed dark brown cups and saucers. It's a sleek, modern look. You may wish to put out a couple of different creamers, one for milk and one for cream.

As a final accent, how about white, square-shaped, multi-wicked candles.

A final suggestion for a dessert service set completely in brown: why not place out a decanter filled with a nice, dark-looking liqueur next to the coffee service? Not only will it add to the look, but your guests will also know that their host has great taste!