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Episode 416 - Brownie Points
Nik 2 U
Who said brown wasn't fun...
So, our colour wheel took us on a trip to brown. One of the reasons I like this colour is because it allowed me to serve my favourite things, many of which are somehow related to chocolate! (I know many of you can relate...)

I thought brown would be a great colour to use as our colour tribute because of its depth and its colour variations. When planning a party such as this, I implore you to search high and low for as many shades of brown as you can find, so you can inundate your home and your guests in all its luxurious glory.

This rich and soothing colour worked with everything from delicious and decadent foods to interesting and inviting entertainment looks. Is your mouth watering? Well, mine certainly is, and wait until you try to recreate the "best ever" brownies. Feel like you have something to get off your chest? Why not express yourself in a refurbishing project? And, that dessert service will look so sweet in your kitchen.

Easy to plan, casual and comfortable, the brown-themed party will not only satisfy anyone's sweet tooth, but it will also inspire sweet dreams...