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Episode 419 - Sew What?
Tomato Pin Cushion
A handy gift...
Sometimes just thinking about a gift to give to my dinner guests leaves me on pins and needles. So I thought I'd sew up the whole idea by creating a tomato pincushion.

  • fabric (red for a tomato pin cushion; orange for a pumpkin pin cushion)
  • cotton stuffing
  • needle
  • green embroidery thread
  • green felt
  • pinking shears

Cut fabric into a round circle. Wrap cotton stuffing inside. Gather fabric together at the bottom and sew it together. Using needle and thread, run it from the centre out the top to create lines running up and down the cushion. Using pinking shears, create a dot shape out of the felt. Attach to the top of the cushion.

Before you know it, you've got the cutest little tomato (or pumpkin) pincushion in the world. And, by the way, if someone asks about this wonderful gift, you can pin this one on me!