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Episode 403 - Burgers 'n Brew
Say Cheese!
Cheese please...
There is nothing like adding flavour to an already juicy burger. I love cheese, whether I grill it on top of the burger or simply place it on the bun. Here are some of my suggestions for cheese accompaniments for your burgers:

English Cheddar, which is a very sharp cheese; Bocconcini, an Italian cheese, very mild in flavour, which can be sliced up from its natural ball shape; Swiss cheese, which has always been a favourite because once cooked it becomes really stretchy; Cambazola, a combination of camembert and gorgonzola which is quite sharp but it melts very nicely so it really gets a creamy, buttery flavour. How about an English stilton, French brie or even Chevre?

Sound cheesy enough for you? Try these delicious additions to a burger. I know you'll like them.