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Episode 406 - Best Wishes
Tattoo You!
Colour me beautiful...
Looking to leave a lasting memory of your next birthday party? Why not invite tattoo artists along for the ride? Georgia Steel and Elena Zossimas of Picasso Painters, are experts at temporary tattooing. I asked them to explain to me the tricks of the tattooing trade. As they worked at creating designs on my arm, they shared some ideas that I would like to share with you when it comes to planning your next birthday party.

They brought with them a book that contained many different designs and symbols. I selected a symbol that represented energy (I figured that was a safe bet for the host of an upcoming party).

As Elena began to paint the tattoo, free-hand, on my arm, Georgia explained how temporary tattooing (with regard to parties) is something that has developed over the last 20 years. Basically, it is a process whereby you can apply a waterproof cosmetic to the skin that can last anywhere from a few days to a week and a half, but it is also removable if you use rubbing alcohol or an oil product. The longevity of the tattoo is also affected by the part of the body on which it is applied. For instance, if it's placed on a portion of the body where the skin is very dry, the tattoo will be likely to last longer.

Although Elena was painting the tattoo onto my arm free-handedly, transfers are also an option. Applied with alcohol, the transfer is placed facedown. Twenty seconds later, it is removed and a black outline is left on the skin. It can then be customized or coloured according to the guest's desires. Georgia explained that transfers are a huge hit as the designs can be quite elaborate, yet the process is quick.

In terms of authenticity, Georgia pointed out that they know how to make a temporary tattoo look permanent. By patting some talcum powder on them, it takes away the sheen and the look is very real. Furthermore, they might add a little bit of a blue to any black colour used, because real tattoos are never pure black, they always have a bit of a blue tint to them.

Georgia made the analogy that permanent tattoos are like wearing the same outfit for the rest of your life. The great thing about temporary tattoos (aside from their beauty) is that you can experiment and have fun with so many different designs. Thanks to my two Picasso Painters, I had plenty of "energy" for the upcoming birthday extravaganza!

Special Thanks: Georgia Steel, Picasso Painters, Toronto, ON, Telephone (416) 777-0858, Facsimile (416) 777-0872, E-mail, gsteel@netcom.ca.

Extra Special Thanks: Elena Zossimas