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Episode 406 - Best Wishes
Make It Henna!
An ancient artform...
If you're going to try out temporary tattoos, a third option (besides freehand or transfers) is henna.

As Georgia Steel of Picasso Painters revealed to me a henna tattoo on the palm of her hand, she pointed out that henna is actually an ancient art form which involves using a vegetable dye, not a cosmetic. It consists of dried-out leaves of a henna plant, which are crushed into a very fine powder, and mixed with water. Then, it is applied onto the skin in the shape of a design, and is left to dry. After about 40 minutes, the mud will dry and it is then peeled off and you are left with the design behind.

Whether it's henna, transfer, or free form, I think that if you include a tattoo artist at your next birthday party, you will certainly leave your guests with a permanent impression of your best wishes.

Special Thanks: Georgia Steel, Picasso Painters, Toronto, ON, Telephone (416) 777-0858, Facsimile (416) 777-0872, E-mail, gsteel@netcom.ca.

Extra Special Thanks: Elena Zossimas