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Episode 406 - Best Wishes
Wish Box
What do you wish for?
I've been told that turning forty is a big deal. Although I haven't actually done it yet myself, some of my friends will be celebrating theirs soon, and so I came up with a great gift idea. The best thing about this gift is that everybody on the guest list can become involved in its creation.

First, I sent out the invitations to the birthday party detailing some pretty explicit instructions for each guest. I let them know that the colour theme for the party would be silver, and that they should each find an inexpensive gift along that theme. I also enclosed a strip of paper onto which I printed "I wish…" Each guest was then instructed to complete that sentence as a wish for their friend.

My friends were so great at sending back their gifts and their wishes. The idea was that the wishes and the gift would go hand in hand, so I attached them together with a tiny ribbon.

Not only clouds have silver linings, so does this birthday present! I took a galvanized box, which I lined with a silver fabric. Then, I placed each gift and its attached wish into the box.

The gifts included:
  • A tea strainer with a complementary wish "that you would turn over a new leaf";
  • Silver buttons in a tiny sack ("I wish… that I had your exceptional style")
  • Relaxation soap ("I wish that you have a relaxing year");
  • A vintage silver coin of the year in which the birthday boy was born ("I wish… you would always be in mint condition";
  • Sparklers ("I wish… there would always be a sparkle in your eyes");
  • A tiny silver container with two cuff links in it ("I wish… you never lose a shirt, or these cuff links");
  • A big silver heart ("I wish… you love and happiness in the years to come");
  • A silver napkin ring with our friend's initials on it ("I wish… you could keep it together");
  • A beautiful vintage wine stopper with a silver top ("I wish… a jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and me to share it with").
  • Finally, my own gift to my forty-year old friend: an antique pocket watch ("I wish… there's no time like the present!").
As I packed up the box, I added some silver stars, sprinkling them on top for detail. Then I put on the lid and tied the box up with ribbons (I used mauve, pale purple, and white).

A box full of wishes is a great idea for the personal touch when the person means so much!