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Episode 407 - The Nik Nak
Nik 2 U
Happy antique hunting...
Well, I hope you have enjoyed our tribute to Nik Nak's and I want you to know that we did this in an attempt to answer a question. At Savoir Faire, we are often asked, "Where do you find things?" Well, I hope that we have shed some light on where Nik discovers some of his 'naks'.

One thing I cannot tell you is what to collect yourself. When you experience the joy of antique hunting at your own local flea market, you will see where your own tastes lead you. The right items will speak to your heart and in no time you will have amassed your own collection of favourites.

After leaving the Sunday market with our loot, Joan and I both agreed that we had had a very successful day of antiquing. We were very excited to get to our homes and place our discovered treasures around.

A final thought that I would like to share with you is that sometimes part of the fun of antique markets is to find things that somebody else would appreciate. There has been many a friend, or relative who has shared in the excitement of my flea market findings.

So get collecting on your own! I know that you will discover that you have a 'nak' for it!