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Episode 411 - I Do!
Main Course
The main attraction...
For our wedding main course, Lindsey Shaw, our caterer, made a decision to serve chicken. To Lindsey, chicken is a safe option, rarely do guests object. The chicken was delicious, served with a morel mushroom cream sauce, spring asparagus and sweet peas, on a bed of sundried cranberry cous cous.

In our case, there were pine nuts in the cous cous. Lindsey and I agreed that it's a good idea for your wedding invitation to encourage guests to advise of food allergies. Caterers will then have plenty of time to create possible alternatives. A special meal request can go a long way in showing how much each guest means to you on this special day.

Courtesy; Lindsey Shaw, Lindsey Shaw Catering, Toronto, ON; (416) 926-9133