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Episode 414 - Holiday S.O.S.
Christmas Hearth
Curl up beside the wonderful decorating...
An important part of our Christmas look has to be a happy holiday hearth, the bottom part of the fireplace. The question is how do we get that warm fireplace feeling with a faux fireplace? Well, with these suggestions, you'll see that you don't need a working fireplace to add warmth to your Holiday look.

Begin by adding seasonal greens such as cedar or pine, as you would with the mantle. Add some small terracotta saucers (I painted mine silver; you can paint them gold, or whichever colour you choose), and start to place them into the greens. Place a pillar candle on each saucer. When lit, they will look wonderful.

You can also nestle some pinecones amongst the greens. Various nuts, such as pecans, or walnuts will also add to the look. Of course, in the holiday season, when you start adding nuts, you get a little bit of wildlife: tiny, faux chickadees will look festive when nestled amongst the greens.

After that, just kick back and enjoy your fireplace. No doubt your friends will be more than happy to join you because you'll certainly be ho-ho-home for the holidays!