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Episode 416 - Brownie Points
Clean Coffee Pot
Fear not...
As most people, I love to enjoy a good cup of coffee. However, if truth be told, once in awhile I have been known to leave my carafe on the coffee maker a little too long. Does this ever happen to you? Well, help is on the way, thanks to some readily available household items.

  • lemon
  • baking soda
  • salt
  • pennies
  • water

To the stained coffeepot, add a squeeze of lemon, a scoop of baking soda, and a scoop of salt. Don't forget to add a handful of pennies, just for good luck! Add a bit of water, gently shake the pot around, and let the solution do its stuff.

This fail-safe homemade cleanser always leaves coffeepots sparkling clean and ready for their next use!