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Episode 417 - School Rules
Wall of Fame
Most likely to have fun...
Ever wonder why some graduation parties are more fun than others? For starters, some of them might include a signing board. I'd like to share a great idea for a project that you can do either by yourself or with your kids: a Wall of Fame!

  • 1 frame (Styrofoam, or soft wood will do the trick!)
  • medium-gloss paint (in the graduates' school colours)
  • matte board
  • laser printer (or black transfer letters)
  • construction paper (school colours)
  • star-shaped stickers
  • hot glue gun/tape
  • class photos
  • straight pins
  • clipboard and pen

The following should be done using colours corresponding to the graduates' school colours: Paint your frame, using medium-gloss paint. Paint matte board. When finished painting, invert your frame, add a little bit of glue, and insert your matte board. Create a banner using construction paper and a laser printer. Print out: the name of the university and the graduating year (i.e. "Savoir Faire University. Class of 2000.") If you don't have a computer or a laser printer, you can also use a transfer letter set. Place the banner on top of the board, affixing it with stickers (I used star-shaped stickers, but you can also simply use a hot glue gun, or some tape). Cut out square-shaped pieces from the construction paper. On each piece, write a different descriptive of what each grad can expect in their future, such as "Most Likely To Be Rich", "Best Dressed Grad", "Most Likely To Become Famous", etc. Affix each square, using either stickers or glue, spaced evenly apart, to the matte board. Attach each graduate's photo to the frame using a straight pin. On a piece of paper, write out all of the different categories. Attach to a clipboard and hand to each kid as he/she arrives, allowing them to fill it in. Tally up the totals, and then take each picture and put it on the corresponding square so that the board is filled up with all of the various nominations.

The trick to the Wall of Fame is to allow the kids to select different schoolmates who are going to be given awards for their characteristics as the party continues.

Try it! The kids will love it!