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Episode 419 - Sew What?
Sewing Luncheon
Sew what are you waiting for?
"Sew" many great ideas, "sew" many wonderful reasons to get together, "sew"many friends will be envious when you host a sewing party. Here are some suggestions from me to you. Get ready, this is going to be a lot of fun!

For your sewing luncheon table you can present some sandwich wraps on a platter, some fruit in a basket, and a selection of bottled beverages. Guests can gather everything into their own wicker baskets, and go sit down with it.

Everybody loves cookies, so why not display some bags of homemade cookies? You can put together a few dark and white chocolate chip cookies, or shortbread and nut, into a cellophane bag, and tie it together with a nice ribbon. Ask your kids to help out and in a second you will have a nice dessert presentation.

Added accessories that you can scatter around your sewing luncheon table include items such as spools of thread, pinking shears and scissors. Anything that goes along with the sewing theme will work nicely when you display them out on the table.

Fresh flowers also add a nice touch and I'd like to suggest that you keep them simple and inexpensive. If your garden is bursting at the time of your party, just head on out there with the clippers! Place the flowers into an old glass milk bottle and in a moment you can create a very lovely arrangement. Flowers like Queen Anne's Lace, daisies, or lilies will create a nice look. Or, if you have some herbs in your garden, such as dill weed, they too can add a nice touch. Place three such floral arrangements along the side of the table as a backdrop.

As you watch your luncheon come together, don't be surprised to discover that it is sew perfect!