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Episode 403 - Burgers 'n Brew
Keep it Casual
Simple decadence...
The beauty of a Burgers 'n Brew bash is that it can be thrown together in a moment's notice, and the presentation can still be impeccable.

My suggestion to you is to go disposable. For my party, I picked up some wicker basket plates at a local store. They are really inexpensive and functional, especially when paired with a paper plate. After you're done, you can throw the paper plate away, which makes the clean-up a lot simpler.

We paired each wicker basket with a couple of napkins (we chose purple and white striped, and also green - made for a nice colour combination with our purple paper plates). Two napkins for each guest because I don't know about you but whenever I eat a burger it's always pretty messy so I figured my friends would appreciate the gesture.

With regards to cutlery, again, go disposable. Plastic cutlery is perfect for putting together your dinner quickly and for a quick clean-up. As an added detail, take little round tags and write your guests' name on them. Pick up the tags at a local store where they sell business items. Tie the tags to each guest's fork, place them on the plate, and then everybody will know where to sit.

As side dishes, I took some more wicker baskets, lined them with paper napkins, and filled them with chips and pretzels. Keep in mind that after the party, the wicker basket can be used for various things such as little bathroom amenities or, perhaps, a little arrangement of fresh fruit. Why not pick one up the next time you see one, throw it into your storage, and pull it out when you need it: perfect for an informal meal such as this one.

As a final touch, I put together a nice, big, bountiful floral arrangement. The colours of purple lyzianthus and white daisies looked great together. I placed them on the table and got ready for my guests to arrive.