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Episode 403 - Burgers 'n Brew
Please Come
A reminiscent invite...
If you decide to plan a "Burgers 'n Brew" that's not quite so impromptu, diner caps make great invitations!

Remember the days when we used to enjoy meals at a greasy spoon? An ice-cream parlour? Remember the diner cap that the chefs wore on their heads? Well, how's this for a fun trick? As attractive as these hats look on the chef's head, think about writing the invitations on them. Write an invite to your Burgers 'n Brew party. Tell your guests to come hungry and come thirsty, and then draw them a little picture of what they can expect to satisfy them. Don't forget the date, time, place, and an RSVP number.

A groovy way of sending out an invitation, don't you think? Have fun with it!