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Episode 405 - Mellow Yellow
Linen Sachet
Smells great...
Time for a little pillow talk. More specifically, scented sachets. Here's a project that is guaranteed to make your room, drawers, or closets smell great!

  • Handkerchief linen
  • Organza
  • Buttons
  • Scented pot pourri
  • Yellow rosebuds, dried

Create a small pillow using cream-coloured handkerchief linen, leaving an organza centre. Add buttonholes to one side of the bottom and add buttons to the other side in order to fasten pillow together when finished. Place a handful of your favourite scented pot pourri into the pocket. Add some small yellow rosebuds, which have been allowed to dry. Fasten pillow together with buttons, turn it over, and there will be a perfectly scented sachet.

You'll be sacheting across your bedroom and jumping into bed, just for the smell of it all.