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Episode 406 - Best Wishes
Setting It Up
A silvery smooth celebration...
When planning a party, one of the first things I like to think about is the invitation. For this "Forty Fête", I chose a beautiful, yet simple treatment. Using a laser printer, I printed out all the details of the party onto a plain piece of velum paper. Then, I slipped the paper into a complementary vellum envelope along with a sprinkling of silver stars.

The theme of the party was silver so I covered the coffee table with a beautiful silver organza. I placed tall, decorative silver candleholders on top of the table, knowing that they would cast a nice glow on the evening. Silver plates and cutlery were stacked onto the table as well.

When it came time to wish our friend "Happy Birthday" I wanted to be prepared. So I placed down some silver paper party horns, one for each guest.

For a sweet send-off at the end of the evening, I put together small silver boxes with a couple of chocolate truffles in each. I tied them up with ribbon and a silvery-blue silk flower, and handed them out to my guests as the night came to a close. A token of remembrance for a successful celebration!