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Episode 406 - Best Wishes
Glasses, Glasses!
Don't forget your glasses...
Happy to say your birthday is on the way? Well, we've got best wishes for you! We often think of birthday parties as being a kid's affair, so "Savoir Faire" would like to offer up some suggestions for planning an adult birthday party.

Your grand-style celebration should always include a hit of fragrance. Rubrum lilies are certainly one of my favourite flowers. For my friend's 40th birthday party, I set them up in clusters around the room. I was careful to remember to remove the stamens from each lily, as I didn't want to ruin my guests' clothing when they leaned over to inhale the fragrant blooms.

In terms of glassware, I set up my kitchen counter as a cocktail station. You may wish to place some tall beer glasses, perfect for serving chilled domestic and imported brew. Tiny, thin liqueur glasses are great for cold cordials and such.

For the toast, I attached tiny tags saying "Forty!" onto Champagne flutes. The tags were attached to the stem of each glass with a ribbon. I set up the flutes together on a silver tray, ready to be filled with chilled bubbly.

As a final touch, I placed down some ice buckets for the bottles that would need to stay chilled. Single stems of lilies placed into tiny shot glasses filled with water helped to complete the look.