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Episode 406 - Best Wishes
Final Birthday Touches
Ignore no details...
In planning this fête for the forty set, I wanted to keep things within a certain colour theme. The call of the day was a blend of silvers, mauves, pale blues and purples. I gathered together bunches of helium balloons for a hit of these wonderful colours around the room.

In keeping with the silver theme, I covered the dining room table with a simple gray cloth. Silver trays were used to present all of the scrumptious delicacies.

Miniature mirrorballs were a great find and definitely added to the look of the room. As well, I also recommend using a single, large mirrorball, if you can find one; try a re-sale shop. It will look wonderful hanging in the centre of your living room. Just like Gloria Gaynor, I knew my friend would "survive" his 40th birthday, and these tokens of the days of disco would help to reflect my sentiment.