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Episode 407 - The Nik Nak
Too good to pass up...
A Sunday antique market is the perfect place to pick up reasonably priced items for entertaining, gifts, and otherwise. Joined by my friend Joan Sternthal, antique collector, we took a trip to our local market and began the fun activity of antique hunting. As we explored the different booths, Joan shared her thoughts with me on the kinds of fabulous finds, which are featured at a weekly flea market.

Joan picked out a Jadite platter with a lotus-pattern on it. She said it was incomplete as there should have been an accompanying bowl. We both agreed that sometimes it is nice to purchase something you like when you come across it even if a part of it is missing. You never know when you will encounter its counterpart, or something else that would go nicely with it. Part of the fun of antique shopping is that you can mix and match with items you might already have back at home. The point is, it is quite common to find things separately, and the idea is to keep on collecting.

Courtesy: Joan Sternthal, Joan Sternthal Antiques; Toronto, ON (416) 410-6501

Courtesy: The Sunday Market, St. Lawrence North Market: 92 Front Street East; Toronto, ON (416) 410-1310