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Episode 407 - The Nik Nak
Christmas in July
The spirit of buying...
A Sunday antique market is a perfect place to pick up reasonably priced items for entertaining, gifts, and otherwise. Joined by my friend Joan Sternthal, antique collector, we took a trip to our local market and began the fun activity of antique hunting. As we explored the different booths, Joan shared her thoughts with me on the kinds of fabulous finds, which are featured at a weekly flea market.

As we came across a box of Christmas ornaments, Joan pointed out the irony of it's being presented in the middle of the summer. However, we both agreed that although Christmas can be the furthest thing from your mind at this time of year, this could be the best time to shop for the holiday.

Off-season purchases are typically less expensive. As well, there are usually a better variety of items that are in good condition. Keep your eye out for such selections at your own weekly flea market.

Courtesy: Joan Sternthal, Joan Sternthal Antiques; Toronto, ON (416) 410-6501

Courtesy: The Sunday Market, St. Lawrence North Market: 92 Front Street East; Toronto, ON (416) 410-1310