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Episode 407 - The Nik Nak
An interesting find...
A Sunday antique market is a perfect place to pick up reasonably priced items for entertaining, gifts, and otherwise. Joined by my friend Joan Sternthal, antique collector, we took a trip to our local market and began the fun activity of antique hunting. As we explored the different booths, Joan shared her thoughts with me on the kinds of fabulous finds, which are featured at a weekly flea market.

As we browsed around on a leisurely Sunday afternoon, we approached a booth, which displayed melmac. Available in many different colours, Joan told me that she likes to use this sort of dishware for her children. She explained that melmac doesn't break and it comes in great shapes and fun colours, such as a pretty, pink butter dish that we looked at.

A fabulous find was a yellow Pyrex bowl with an unusual shape to it. Joan pointed out that many versions of it circulate around, but that it is hard to find them in great shape. This vibrant bowl had no nicks and was in great condition. Part of the joy of 'antiquing' at the market is going early and discovering well-preserved and useful items such as this one - before someone else does!

Courtesy: Joan Sternthal, Joan Sternthal Antiques; Toronto, ON (416) 410-6501

Courtesy: The Sunday Market, St. Lawrence North Market: 92 Front Street East; Toronto, ON (416) 410-1310