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Episode 407 - The Nik Nak
Best Buy!
One of a kind...
A magical moment for me as I made my way through the flea market occurred when I discovered a "Clarisse Cliff" plate. This type of ceramic was very much in vogue in the 1930's, and the beautiful plate that I purchased had the characteristics of the Art Deco period. A square-shaped plate with a circular depressed centre, Clarisse Cliff plates are also identified by an exceptional wheat-coloured glaze. Beautifully handpainted, her work is often recognizable by a bridge such as the one on this plate.

On the backside of the plate, there should be a hallmark, which tells you which pattern it is. This particular plate is called the Biarritz, but you can also look for patterns such as Bizarre, Circus, or Stamford.

Of course, seeing the signature "Clarisse Cliff" was enough of an inducement for me to make this purchase. Totally one of a kind, this beautiful piece of work would be the perfect item to pick up at the market, take home, enjoy, and then give to a loved one as an inheritance gift.