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Episode 501: Reunited!
The Set Up
It's time to get ready...
Time to pay a compliment to the hosts of our reunion: Violet and Michael Tarasuk. Their family has put a lot of effort into this and they've done some very smart things. To start, they went to their local church to borrow some plastic chairs and long banquet tables. What a great way to keep the costs down. To cover the tables, gingham tablecloths really work. We used a colourful array of red-and-white, green-and-white, and blue-and-white.

Another nice contribution to the atmosphere, especially for when dusk falls, is candlelight. Inexpensive glass candles are readily available at your corner store.

Violet is an amazing canner (her pickles rival mine), and so we thought that canning jars would add the perfect touch for our flower treatments for each table. Fill each jar with inexpensive country flowers, add a bit of ribbon treatment, and place two of them down on each table to provide a lovely look.