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Episode 501: Reunited!
A Beautiful Invitation

In thinking about invitations and nametags for a family reunion, the idea is to come up with projects that are easy to do but are also innovative. Here are a couple of great ideas for your big event:

Leaf Name Tags:

Often, when you have a really big family, it is hard to keep track of everybody's name. As a solution, why not create Family Tree-inspired name tags?


  • silal leaves (you can also use magnolia, or camellia - anything sturdy)

  • gold metallic pen (you can also use dark-coloured magic markers)

  • raffia (ribbons work well too!)

  • straight pins

  • safety pins


Write each guest's name on a leaf.

Tie raffia to each stem.

When your guests arrive, attach the corresponding nametag to their clothes using a straight pin (use a safety pin for kids).

Reunion Scroll:

This quick project can be started before the reunion, and then it is up to your guests to finish it off.


  • long run paper (or individual sheets glued together)
  • 4 wooden dowels
  • two-sided tape
  • magic markers
  • ribbon

Attach a strip of tape along the length of each dowel.

Place dowel on bottom edge of paper, lay second dowel on top of paper, forming a tight seal. Repeat with the top edge of the page.

Write "Family Reunion" across the top of the page, along with tiny leaf details.

Lay the scroll on the table, and make sure every family member "signs-in" when they arrive.

When your party is over, either roll up the paper and store it away, or attach a ribbon from end to end along the top and hang it on the wall.

Either way, don't forget to bring it out for future reunions!