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Episode 501: Reunited!
Making it a Blast!
Brake out the Lawn Furniture

When throwing a huge reunion party, it is important to consider providing a variety of comfortable areas for your guests.

To begin with, you can greet your guests with a welcome board, a sign which reads "Welcome Table". The board lists instructions (i.e. pick up nametag, apply puzzle piece, list your food contribution…). On the welcome table you can also place nametags and the sign-in scroll. You might want to enlist the aid of a good organizer to handle it all.

Create various stations around your backyard. A couple of examples are a bagel station with various spreads and a table for refreshments. You can also provide fun diversions like a Cotton Candy or a Snow Cone machine. Don't forget to the Porta Potties, because, as you know, when you've got to go, you've got to go!

Spread activity areas around the backyard. You can devote one table to playing a family quiz, in another area you can reserve space for a soccer or lawn bowling match. Leave some quiet areas for friends and family to stretch out on a sunny, warm afternoon and get caught up.

You may also wish to consider renting a catering tent for the backyard for meals or in case of inclement weather. They're easy to find in the phone book and are quite inexpensive.

And remember it's a family reunion. It's casual, hassle free fun. As host, it's up to you to jump in and enjoy!