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Episode 513: Road Trip
The Car Wash - Sponges
Scrub, scrub, scrub...
When you decide to take that exciting road trip, you'll want to make sure that your old reliable is fresh and clean. Of course, you can always go to an automatic car wash, but there's nothing like an old-fashioned hand wash to give yourself a sense of accomplishment and a sparkling, clean car.

Some of the essentials you'll need involve a hose with a brush attachment which you can hook up to a water source for a thorough pre-wash and rinse. Then, it's onto different types of sponges. Coarse sponges are perfect for any part of your car that's crusted with bugs and other dirt, such as rims of wheels or license plates. Softer sponges are perfect for the top of the car and for the paint. Another item that really works is a wash mitt, which fits onto your hand. Don't forget to keep a bucket handy for all that hot, soapy water.

For windshields, dashboards and headlights, glass cleaner and paper towels work wonders. As well, you might want to use a paint brush for fine details on the interiors, the air vents and the steering wheel. Cleaning towels are readily available at a hardware store or automotive supply place and they are great for final detail work on chrome or for the interior if you have a fine vinyl or leather polish. Find soft cloths that don't leave any lint but do bring up a nice shine. For the perfect dry job, you will want to use a shammy, a piece of fine suede fabric, which works perfectly to avoid leaving any spots.