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Episode 504: Brazil Nut
Brazilian Place Setting
Create an Atmoshpere
The foundation for a Brazilian place setting can come together nicely with just a couple of readily available materials. A piece of wood and a little bit of stain can make a very attractive box (which can be used over and over again for different occasions). Line the inside with snake grass to create a funky, green effect.

Place your fish-inspired knife and fork inside the box, and you will have an ocean theme unfolding.

For serving the Feijoadas, pale blue bowls are attractive and inexpensive. Place them in the middle of each guest's box. They will be a nice complement to your pale blue tablecloth.

A flower treatment for each place setting can be achieved simply by placing an orchid at the top left corner of each guest's box.

For napkins, avoid a fancy fold, but try to find something with an interesting colour pattern, such as the four-panel napkins that we chose. Fold them in half and then in quarters, and place them right on top of each bowl on each place setting. .

Add a tall water glass just outside of the top right corner of each box.

When the look comes together, your guests will feel like they each have their own piece of Brazil, right in front of them.