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Episode 504: Brazil Nut
Simple Samba
Dance the Night Away!
When thinking about entertaining Brazilian style, we couldn't possibly leave out a treat for the feet: the Samba! According to Samba-savvy Ivonete de Sousa, this traditional dance of Brazil is a major part of one of the most important celebrations of the year: Carnaval. Brazilians spend a lot of time and money on costumes for this five-day event. The enormous energy that is characteristic of Carnaval is truly expressed through the sensual samba.

Ready to learn some fancy footwork? Actually, the Samba involves quite basic foot maneuvers. Simply start by bringing your right foot forward, then back. Repeat, until you've mastered this step.

Next, begin to bring your hips into it, clicking them from side-to-side. According to Ivonete, women tend to use a more exaggerated hip movement than men. As you will see, it is the rhythm of the hips, which makes this dance so sensual.

Once you have mastered the art of having your hips complement your feet, then you can change to the other leg.

Don't forget to introduce some arm movements. You will find that as you get into the rhythm of the music, you will begin to express yourself in a very natural way.

Ivonete points out that this dance is not typically about holding each other. You can dance together if you want, but when Brazilians study the Samba in school they tend to do it solo.

Remember: Samba-inspired music tends to be quite quick. A fast beat means fast feet! Don't be intimidated, and don't forget that practice makes perfect. So, pick up some samba music, and get in motion! You'll feel like you're in Brazil in no time.