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Episode 6081: Spring Forward
Buy The Yard!
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Well, the inside of your house is clean. But your garage is filled with the stuff you've organized right out of closets and cubbyholes during your spring cleaning blitz. Time to hold a yard sale. And have we got some great tips to make it a success!

First of all why not get other neighbours involved? A combined giant yard sale will definitely be more eye-catching than a couple of lonely tables on one front lawn. Tack brightly coloured leaflets specifying the date, time and address on church announcement boards, at shopping centres and on telephone poles. You can also prop a gigantic poster at the end of the street, so yard sale junkies will see it and head to your sale right away!

You will definitely need some tools such as tape, a staple gun, a few colours of magic markers and merchandising tags. Of course, if you don’t want to purchase tags, you can use old scraps of paper or masking tape. Make sure you have some newspaper on hand to wrap up purchases and bags or boxes in which your "customers" can cart home their great finds.

Colour coding is an important element in the organization of a combined sale. To keep it fair, tag everyone's stuff using different colours or mark each tag with the first initial of the person to whom the item belongs. This is a great way to ensure that the money from each sale goes to the right person. If stuff isn't moving fast enough, mark down the prices. After all, the reason you're having the sale is to get rid of what you no longer need or want.

Before you know it your yard sale will be the entrepreneurial stuff of legends!