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Episode 6081: Spring Forward
Closet Case
Time to organize!
The dreaded closet is the perfect candidate for a spring tune up because it usually holds any number of surprises. Linda and Rosa, two lifelong friends and I descended on Linda's walk in closet one day. It was stuffed to the rafters with Linda's and her husband's clothing, all jammed in there in no particular order. The three of us rolled up our sleeves and got to work, only to come away with great results and some valuable tips to keep your closets in order.

A few things to keep in mind before you get started are that it doesn’t hurt to begin with a group hug like we did, for that extra boost of strength and support. Of course, you should have a good time while you’re doing this; however, try not to get too distracted playing dress-up! As well, you should beware that this whole process might give you a longing to do some more shopping. For now, resist the urge; after all, that’s how the whole mess started in the first place. Once you’re organized into a system, you can incorporate it into anything new you bring home.

Although you may be afraid of finding some scary things in there, it’s a good idea to purge your closet every once in awhile. It can actually be fun to see all the old fashions; who knows, you may even discover an old gold lame outfit, like Linda did. Remove all of the seasonal stuff; piling it all in a place where you can easily make judgement as to whether it stays or goes.

Labeled boxes are great for storing items; throw in a few cedar chips to keep them smelling fresh. Colour-coordinated garment bags, which match the environment of the closet, are also great for protecting your seasonal finery while it’s not being used. Shoetrees are helpful when organizing shoes.

A new set of wooden hangers creates a uniform, clean look for everything that you decide to keep. Remember to remove any cleaning tags you find in the process of hanging things up. Finally, add some potpourri and fresh flowers.

If you’re like Linda, you may have been feeling a bit guilty, about your lack of organization. Once your closet has been transformed into something as alluring as your favourite boutique you’ll be glad you took the time. Enjoy!