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Episode 6081: Spring Forward
Spring Touches
Stick to it!

In giving your home the spring-cleaning it truly deserves, don't forget the small stuff. Things like oiling a creaky door hinge, descaling the iron, or scenting drawers. Here are some touches whose benefits far outweigh your efforts.

Looking to make sense of the stuff stuck on your fridge? Well, the ideas are endless, thanks to a friendly glue gun and some magnets. For a fresh, floral theme, attach magnets to the backs of vibrant silk flowers. Want to remember a great dinner party? Attach wine corks to magnets. Fridge magnets made of clothespins can hold important notes and shopping lists.

A dab of household oil will remove springtime squeaks from door hinges and window cranks. For a better running iron, try adding equal parts of vinegar and water and give it a flush to remove unwanted mineral deposits. For a stained coffeepot add three tablets of bicarbonate of soda to some water, swish it around and it will end up sparkling clean.

Bring a clean and simple spring and summer look to your dining table by replacing a heavy cloth with fresh cut flowers. They don't have to be expensive; anything will brighten up your dining space. Simple arrangements also add a touch of spring to coffee and end tables in the living room.

Roll up those winter wool carpets and replace them with lightweight spring and summer sisal. Add some new throw pillows to the sofa, or even recover some old ones with new fabric. These are all simple and quick ways to herald spring into any home!