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Episode 101 - Clambake
Building a Fire Pit
Nik Builds a Fire Pit
Hosting an outdoor event should not limit you to cold or prepared foods. Nor should dining alfresco restrict you to the backyard barbecue. How about building your own fire pit when out in the woods or at your favourite beach? Here's a way to make the process foolproof.

First things first. The most important consideration is location, location, location. Ensure that the pit is in a clearing away from vegetation so that the prevailing winds blow any smoke from your fire away from the dining and preparation areas.

Now dig a two-foot deep hole, about three feet in diameter. Once the hole is dug, line the sides and bottom with rocks scavenged from the area. Make sure that a barbecue grate brought from home will be able to rest on top of the rocks once the fire has burned down to coals.

Hard woods such as birch, maple and oak create an even fire. We suggest bringing your own wood along as finding it on site may be difficult and we do want to be kind to the environment. Place your wood in the centre of the pit in a teepee formation. Insert some old newspapers and kindling in amongst the larger pieces of wood. All you need now is a match.

Once the fire has burned down, about 45-minutes later, place the grate on the rocks over the heated coals. Now you're ready to start cooking! The coals should stay hot for several hours. At the end of your meal, there should be enough time left to roast some marshmallows.

Before you head home douse the coals with water and cover them with the dirt or sand you displaced when digging the hole.