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Dining Alfresco
Dining Alfresco
Whether it's a camp site, your cottage, the beach or your own backyard, dining outside offers the perfect opportunity to get fun and funky with your table settings. Here are some suggestions for making your event nifty and thrifty.

Speckleware. Virtually everyone has some of this enamelware hiding in their cupboards. If not, it's easy to find and inexpensive to purchase. Mix and match colours for plates, mugs, bowls, salad bowls and pitchers. Older pieces are great for flower arrangements.

Think vintage. Tag sales and flea markets are where you'll find brightly patterned glassware and accessories such as salt and pepper shakers, cream and sugar pieces. Sometimes you'll stumble across a real find, like cutlery with colourful bakelite handles.

Table cloths and linens. Again, some of this stuff is best found in someone else's basement. More often than not you'll see complete sets that have never been used. Remember, the more vibrant the better! And the great thing about linens is that you can always mix and match.

Cheap seats. Folding chairs are the most portable. How about keeping an eye out for some resale shop finds? Their colour and style add character and charm to your outdoor event at a reasonable cost.

The added touch. Accessories like votive candles and tin lanterns will shed some light and add atmosphere as the sun sets. Shells tied around napkins with raffia do justice to a seaside feast; twigs and pine cones enhance dinner in the forest.

Dining alfresco is the perfect excuse for relaxing some of the rules and making the occasion memorable for all!