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Episode 110 - South Seas Feast
Sail Place Cards
Who's sitting at this seat?
The table at "Trader Nik's" South Seas Feast beckons his guests with trimmings and touches that make the evening's adventurous atmosphere complete. As the gang drifts table side, simple to make rafts and sails place cards mark their course, as they settle down to enjoy an out of this world repast.

Materials  for eight place settings
  • large hunk of blue Plasticine modelling clay (to match the blue table cloth)
  • paper
  • calligraphy pen
  • 8 bamboo skewers

  • Cut 8 paper 'sails' from the paper
  • In an informal open script, use the calligraphy pen to write each guest's name in the
  • centre of the sail.
  • Weave the pointed skewer through the edge of the paper to get a curved sail on a mast.
  • Pierce into the Plasticine raft and place on the corner of each place mat.
  • Take a seat!