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Episode 110 - South Seas Feast
South Seas Table
Setting the scene is the most important, if not the most fun part of entertaining. Theming an event is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination take flight. For Savoir Faire's South Seas Feast we went all out while spending little in the process. This week, the set up. Next week, we'll talk about accessories which say Pacific, terrific!

In my loft, I draped yards and yards of inexpensive, blue drapery lining fabric over the ceiling pipes to create a tent-like atmosphere. If you don't live in a loft, you may wish to place hooks along two sides of your dining room ceiling. Run an inexpensive pipe from hook to hook and then drape the fabric for much the same effect.

You may wish to dine as they traditionally do in the South Pacific. So place a table top, whether from your table or a piece of plywood cut at your local lumber yard, onto milk crates, bricks or even old pieces of wood. We sewed our vibrant tablecloth together using two complimentary colours, deep blue and turquoise.

The guests will sit on the floor in true Polynesian style, but on funky coloured pillows. We used aquamarine, blue and striped fabric to make these simple pillows, which can be used again once the party's over.